Saturday, October 29, 2005

Way to go Coleen Rowley! The Whistleblower runs for Congress!

Coleen Rowley, the whistleblower on the way the FBI hampered the effort to stop terrorsim pre 911, is in the running for a congressional seat. Her honesty is astounding.

Read Newsweek article.
I wonder if she's coniving enough to be elected. I hope her district won't be fooled by the Big Money right wing machine and their lies and innuendos America needs leaders like her. A life-long Republican voter, Rowley is running this time as a Democrat against a Republican incumbent. Sounds like a centrist. I'm not one, myself, but I'd vote for her if she was in my area.

Excerpt from Newsweek article:
You were called a whistle-blower for your decision to expose FBI shortcomings before the 9/11 attacks. You subsequently wrote to the FBI director warning that the bureau was not prepared to deal with new terror attacks that could follow a war with Iraq. Any regrets?
My actions and contribution in being a so-called whistle-blower about some of the pre-9/11 issues has gotten greatly distorted in the media. You'll read lots of articles that say something like "Coleen Rowley tried to warn the FBI pre-9/11 about a terrorist who's now the 20th hijacker" or something like that. That's way off base ... I had a peripheral legal-counsel role. Nowhere in my memo [that bureau supervisors blocked Minneapolis agents trying to investigate 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui before the attacks] do you see me giving [a] warning. I've tried to set the record straight that I actually fault myself for not having done more pre-9/11. The impact it had was everyone was hiding behind this gigantic blanket defense that nothing could've prevented [the attacks.] It protected everyone from unraveling their mistakes ... I was actually one of the people protected by this. I'm really proud that I wrote that letter. It's awful to be credited for something you actually blame yourself for!

Have threats of terrorism become politicized?
The pre-election Orange alert was used for political purposes. President Bush called off the Orange alert soon after the [2004] election. Instead of combating and fighting the true terrorist threat, the Bush administration chose to exploit 9/11. They chose to turn it into something they could use for political purposes. If you don't do it [national security] right, you make it worse.

This is sad:
Is there now an environment where other FBI agents or whistle-blowers will speak out about faults?
Nope. It's worse. I was probably one of the last so-called whistle-blowers to not be fired.


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