Saturday, October 15, 2005

White House shifts tactics on Miers

Instead of pressing Ms. Miers on the American public on her religious qualifications including having big name evangelists threaten conservative Senators, the Bush administration will be taking their case, not to a serious meeting of minds of the best and the brightest in the Senate, but to...wait for it... TV, opinion columns and recommendations by Harriet's friends and colleagues, including former justices of the Texas Supreme Court.

Mainstream Republican Senators and even 'pro-life and women stay home with kids' Rick Santorum (R-PA)(who is losing in polls against a Democratic nominee for next year's Senate race according to the linked Washington Post article) have obviously been hurt by the huge off the record whisper heard across the land that "H.M. is pro-life--we think".

Now they will have to make up some qualifications for Ms Miers as her nomination has done even more damage to the Republican image.

Get ready Republican Senators to get "Roved" through the White House's massive control of the news media, talk shows and hate radio.


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