Monday, October 31, 2005

Why does Newsweek think a journalist can write an objective analysis on a prospective federal shield law for journalists?

I'm sure that Newsweek could (if they had tried) found someone with constititutional law background who wasn't a 'journalist' that could string together 1000 words or so on the subject.

Also, note that Ellis Cose even uses a bit by Ms. Miller that he cites as exaggerated to bolter his argument.

BTW Mr. Cose, who is a journalist--only those paid by big name publications?

If there had been a federal shield law this year, there would have been no charges, I'm sure. And, possibly, Judith Miller would still be in an important position at the NY Times passing on the neocon lies as if it were real news. I can't think of any greater harm to the nation than that, since she helped lead the nation into the miserable failure we are seeing in Iraq by her 'journalism'.

Toon: Why Judith waited so long to testify.


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