Saturday, October 29, 2005

Why is right wing cartoonist Chris Muir outing himself for being paid by the GOP?

To see specific toon go to Day by Day and find toon for October 29, 2005. The toon at top changes every day and no dedicated page for archive toons comes up.

Apparently he will be actually appearing on the GOP site according to the October 28, 2005 strip.

Of course he's doing it for the publicity.

I have to admit he is at marginably more intelligent and honest than Prickly City
or Mallard Fillmore.

I take that back having read more of the scrips there. They're mostly Republican talking points. You can almost hear Darrell Issa say "Step away from the truth!". (Representative Issa (Find your Congressman at: US House of Representatives) was featured on one brand of car alarm that used his voice (because he owned the company) to warn people approaching the car to "Step away from the vehicle". That obnoxious idea seems to have disappeared lately, probably for good reasons.

And, "shock", he actually has a liberal character in the group, not that she gets to say anything important.

I did like the October 25, 2005 toon though.

(That one is also related to Bridge to Nowhere and Don Young's Bridge)

Hmm and now I'm wondering who's paying for Mallard Fillmore and Prickly City.


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