Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wilkerson in the LA Times

For those who just can't get enough.

The White House cabal

(This is not the original speech. That is at The Washington Note--I told you Steve
Clemons knows stuff and people who know stuff. Check The Washington Note often--link is now in rotation in sidebar to the right. Clemons notes that the op-ed puts to rest any "Erases Any Doubts About Cheney-Rumsfeld Cabal ")

Excerpt of LA Times op ed"
When I first discussed this group in a speech last week at the New America Foundation in Washington, my comments caused a significant stir because I had been chief of staff to then-Secretary of State Colin Powell between 2002 and 2005.

But it's absolutely true. I believe that the decisions of this cabal were sometimes made with the full and witting support of the president and sometimes with something less. More often than not, then-national security advisor Condoleezza Rice was simply steamrolled by this cabal.

Its insular and secret workings were efficient and swift — not unlike the decision-making one would associate more with a dictatorship than a democracy. This furtive process was camouflaged neatly by the dysfunction and inefficiency of the formal decision-making process, where decisions, if they were reached at all, had to wend their way through the bureaucracy, with its dissenters, obstructionists and "guardians of the turf."

But the secret process was ultimately a failure. It produced a series of disastrous decisions and virtually ensured that the agencies charged with implementing them would not or could not execute them well.

Text of Wilkerson speech at The Washington Note

Steve Clemons' post on Bob Herbert's Op-Ed in the NY Times about Wilkerson's speech

Usenet copy of Herbert's Op-ed


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