Saturday, October 29, 2005

Wilson: Threats made against wife

"There have been specific threats [against Plame. Beyond that I just can't go," Wilson tells 60 Minutes, adding that he and his wife have discussed security for her with "several agencies."

Wilson also reportedly says during the interview that, contrary to reports that many knew Plame was in the CIA, only he and three other people knew. "Well, very few people outside the intelligence community [knew she was CIA]. Her parents and her brother, essentially," says Wilson.

Libby's defense may rest on hectic schedule

A good analysis of Plame's formerly covert status is at: Valerie Plame, the Spy Who Got Shoved Out Into the Cold

Links to other articles on the Plame leak case are at the second post down from this one.


Blogger P-BS-Watcher said...

Every major media organization including those leading the charge against Bush/Rove/Libby has signed on to a court brief arguing that no crime was committed. See I'm A Little Slow. Makes an interesting contrast to their "reporting".

8:18 PM  
Blogger BrStarr said...

Sorry I prefer even the reporting of mainstream news media to right wing talking points repeaters.

The news media say that it 'probably' can't be proven that White House people knowingly outed Valerie Plame.

They do not say 'No crime was committed'.

In fact, it looks quite clear that crimes were committed--obstruction of justice for one.

After all they got Al Capone on tax evasion and put him away for what turned out to be the rest of his life.

Libby won't be going away for the rest of his life. Political monsters in the Bush administration will see no such end.

But the Plame leak case did show what the Bush administration is capable of.

Media manipulation through outings, lies, and intimidation.

12:42 AM  

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