Friday, November 25, 2005

Alito doesn't like "one man, one vote"?

Hey, what can I say?

All 'men' are equal, but some are more equal than others.

How much more of a political neanderthal can this man be?

In 1985, when Alito was applying for a political appointment in the Reagan administration, he wrote that he disagreed with decisions by the Warren Court in the 1960s involving "reapportionment." Those rulings required electoral districts to have equal populations and helped ensure greater representation of urban minorities.

Alito's Stance on One Man, One Vote Is Debated

After revealing such a roof destroyer, the Post of course has to offer all kinds of right wing spin to keep in line with the 21st century's version of the Fairness Doctrine.*

In this case they include the right wing whines, about Alito assuring he won't act to overturn the reapportionment decision of the 60's that was the only thing that insured one 'man'-one vote in the South.

Also, they include a whine about a media "Telephone game" which obviously came from Karen or Karl.

Obviously he didn't like "One man, one vote" How can you spin your way out of that?

Well, by controlling the news media via the new "Fairness Doctrine."

*The new Fairness Doctrine says that new and information-entertainment media must be 'fair' to the neocons or they will get advertisers to drop business with the offending stations. The "fairness" is judged by neocons themselves. The article linked here is a good example. This is not an editorial, but comes across as one with 80% of the article working against the outing of Alito as against civil rights. The timing of this article since the revelation shows major work was done with focus groups (The Bush administration uses polls and focus groups in a manner that would have made Clinton blush.)

Possibly the most glaring example of the fairness doctrine is when Oprah Winfrey hosted then candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife for a full show. The rest of the 150+ candidates were offered a show too, one show for all of them. Get it? Obviously, Oprah is liberal who has been infecting the nation with her liberal ideas, right (according to the neocons fairness doctrine) so that was only fair according to the neocons.


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