Friday, November 18, 2005

All you need are a few core supporters?

Today Josh Marshall of Talking Point Memo notes:
There's one point that's important to remember about the White House's pushback to cover up its collective dishonesty about Iraq. We've noted before that in scandals or political nominations the decisive issue is not the number of opponents, the intensity of their opposition or even the quality of their arguments. The decisive issue is most often whether the scandalee or the nominee has some committed base of support, even if it only amounts to a distinct minority.

A parallel dynamic is in play with respect to what the White House is trying to accomplish with this current pushback.

In a way this is right on, but Marshall misses a point.

Not only are the core supporters true to death, but they are very very vocal.

Extremely vocal and they seem to be paid to be so.

In smaller blogs and on chats we have been able to check their work. They work 8-10 hours a day often and those that don't, when the time of entering and leaving are able to be seen, you can see them leave at hourly intervals from when they came.

These people are also dedicated.

If you totally destroy their arguments and correct their spelling (a constant need) they may disappear from your board if they don't have buddies working at the same time to flood the board or chat calling you a terrorist or worse.

But the next minute they'll pop up on another board and another chat with the same lies and discredited arguments.

Many are just putting down predigested cut and paste talking points, though lately I have seen the barest revisions of the TPs coming down.

This is a terrible way to live. Even those of us who fight their lies feel stress over it.

People don't act this way unless they are going to get something in return.

We are seeing some evidence that these people are being paid to do the right wing message boarding. One theory is a dime to a quarter a post depending on the manager of the program. This is not a price that lends itself to a great effort at new rational thought and creativity, and we are seldom offered that.

This effort started before Bush was elected when businesses that had a lot invested in a Bush presidency and right wing non profits apparently had to foot the bill, but a little known clause in a bill passed last summer points to an ominous sign.

In the bill NASA was instructed to use various means including the internet to promote itself starting immediately. (This passed about a few weeks before the successful Discovery mission.)

Just before, and during the mission there were message boards devoted to the mission on AOL everyday with people posting obvious talking points about NASA. The weird part was that when challenged on the facts that the economy was not well enough to support a massive NASA build up, or that we should take care of the Iraq situation first or any other subject that might make the current administration look bad, no matter how slightly, the same people switched to their talking points about the Bush administration being practically as perfect as Mary Poppins.

Is taxpayer money being diverted to right wing talking points people?

Faith based charity is another suspected source of money going to right wing forum and chat people. All faith based charity should be audited. Most of them are charity schools. They should look for invoices on $600 toilet seats for those schools.

I note that in the last couple of days that Charles Krauthammer came out against government funds being used to pay for faith learning through "Intelligent Design" classes in public schools, and so did George Will denounce Intelligent Design teaching on the taxpayer dime. (Long links let search engines know what is being said by whom.) How much less should there be a covert system of paying Bush administration supporters to act like regular folks while promoting them.

On the other hand, though the liberals gather in small groups and complain about their own people. This is set up as a way to help them mend the Democratic party.

Sorry to be so blunt, but this is obviously has been set up by operatives of the other party, though many good hearted people now believe it.

It certainly didn't help in 2003 in California, and the only way they can snatch defeat out of the teeth of victory is to let the trolls continue to control their thoughts by bashing their own leaders.

At least sometimes the paid right wing message board people are doing their part to promote their agenda. No one has to pay rank and file liberals anything to destroy their own if they think that constantly bashing their own people, instead of constantly supporting their own good ideas will help them win in the next election.

Yeah, the Republicans have a vocal core group. Too bad the Democrats don't.

BTW, this has been passed on to bloggers. A couple of bloggers got $35,000 for their work in the 2004 campaign against Tom Daschle for passing on information from --wait for it-- Jeff Gannon-James Guckert passed on to them from DC. From where in DC? He claims he got it from public records, just thought the idea up himself and went and looked at obscure public data. Don't you do that on your days off? Another question could be why Gannon-Guckert didn't get the money, or did he get some hidden remuneration?

Want some evidence on that?

First an excerpt from Editor and Publisher (you will need an subscription to read the whole article at the link provided):
Guckert defended his work today and said he did not write anything that wasn't true or was not also being reported by several conservative South Dakota blogs. "I think it was spot-on," he said about his coverage of the Daschle campaign. "The Argus Leader's news about Tom Daschle was underplayed."

Although Guckert said he was not paid by, or directed by, Daschle's opponents in South Dakota or in Washington, D.C., to write about the Argus Leader, he admitted to sharing information with local blogs, such as and

"We traded information back and forth," he told E&P. "But having some special relationship, I would not characterize it as that. We were pursuing the same story."


After the election, it became known that one of Gannon's blog comrades received $27,000 from the Thune campaign, and another took $8,000.

Editor and Publisher

Also read:
CBS news: Rove-Gannon Connection?

Yeah, there's a core. The question is whether the American taxpayer is paying for much of it under the Bush administration.


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