Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Another instance of Pentagon paying for print. This time in the Balkans

Poor little Bushie. He had a dream that he was FDR, but we are the purveyors of aggressive war this time. And now we are subverting the democracy that we pretend to build. (Of course that 'democratic' puppet regime is allowed to hold people without charges and to torture, but hey, it's democracy if we say it is.)Virginia Man Among Iraq HostagesBush Releases Detailed Strategy Plan
Apparently earlier the Pentagon was caught doing the same thing in the Balkans with a newspaper. Excerpt:
Earlier this year, the Pentagon's inspector general's office said it was investigating a program that paid journalists to write articles and commentary for a Web site called Southeast European Times that was aimed at influencing opinion in the Balkans.U.S. Debate on Pullout Resonates As Troops Engage Sunnis in Talks
and more on the Baghdad news scam they even bought a paper and took over a radio station.
Military officials who spoke to the Times on the condition of anonymity said the "Information Operations Task Force," part of a multinational corps with headquarters in Baghdad, bought an Iraqi newspaper and took over a radio station to put out pro-American messages.
National Strategy for Victory in Iraq
U.S. Military Unclear on 'Planted' StoriesU.S. Will Address E.U. Questions on CIA Prisons
Administration supporters are saying that the reports are factual, just unbalanced.Rumsfeld's War On 'Insurgents'
If they are factual, it would be a surprise as the Bush administration is quite lose with 'facts' that are often proven wrong within days or weeks. The military has been caught in a number of lies as well.Economy of Scale Might Inspire Companies to Ditch IT Departments
The first casualty of war is truth.


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