Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Cheney losing power?

Excerpt from Newsweek's "Flying Blind" (Link below)
Perhaps it's no surprise, therefore, that at least some administration officials—speaking on background, of course—have begun retroactively to dismiss Cheney's role. Even if they are rewriting history, the revision is politically significant—and an ominous sign for Cheney in a city where power is the appearance of power. As an aide now tells it, Cheney's influence began to wane from the start of the second term and effectively came to an end as the Fitzgerald investigation gained momentum in recent months. "You can say that the influence of the vice president is going to decrease, but it's hard to decrease from zero," said a senior official sympathetic to Cheney's policies. Even on foreign policy, said a senior Bush aide, the veep has been eclipsed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who now has the president's ear and works effectively with her successor as national-security adviser, Stephen Hadley. Bush has grown more confident, aides say, having jettisoned the Cheney training wheels. "The president has formulated a lot of his own views," said an aide, "and has a very firm idea of what he wants to do and accomplish with his foreign policy."
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For the self-described "war president," that idea is steadfast devotion to confronting the global evil of "Islamist radicalism," and to "completing the mission" in Iraq. But repeating the antiterrorism incantation isn't enough. Last week the president gave perhaps his most eloquent speech on the topic, but it seemed repetitive and out of touch with public opinion and the on-the-ground realities of Iraq. For a political figure who rose to power on the strength of strategic "rollouts," Bush seemed to be oddly lacking a grand plan.

Hmmm, what could be worse than the little emperor puppet lead about by neocons.

The little emperor puppet wound up and pointed in the wanted direction by his neocon handlers and set off on his own with just his toadies and cronys to guide him on his Crusade against "Islamic radicalists" (meaning any Islamic who does not bow to the supremacy of the Christo-capitalists).

Then again as Howard Fineman and/or Richard Wolffe indicate in the above passage the whole Cheney losing/lost power spiel might be just a smoke screen. In any case, who can tell the difference?


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