Sunday, November 13, 2005

Confusion Is Rife About Drug Plan as Sign-Up Nears

Enrollment in the new Medicare drug benefit begins in three days, but even with President Bush hailing the plan on Saturday as "the greatest advance in health care for seniors" in 40 years, large numbers of older Americans appear to be overwhelmed and confused by the choices they will have to make.

"I have a Ph.D., and it's too complicated to suit me," said William Q. Beard, 73, a retired chemist in Wichita, Kan., who takes eight prescription drugs, including several heart medicines. "I wonder how the vast majority of beneficiaries will handle this. I fervently wish that members of Congress had to deal with the same health care program we do."

Mr. Beard was interviewed at First United Methodist Church in Wichita, where he and 100 other members of an adult Sunday school class recently received a two-hour explanation of the drug benefit from a state insurance counselor.

Confusion was a dominant theme at education and counseling sessions held over the last two weeks in Wichita and in Glen Burnie, Md.; Fairfax, Va.; Urbana, Ohio; and Santa Rosa, Calif.

"The whole thing is hopelessly complicated," said Pauline H. Olney, 74, a retired nurse who attended a seminar at a hotel in Santa Rosa, north of San Francisco.

Ladies and Gentlemen. What is so hard about this?

Just remember, the new Medicare plans are about turning your lives and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars over to HMOs, pharmaceutical companies, and other money grubbers and making the Republicans look good via the propaganda value they would get out of making a faux plan instead of doing what those dastardly other guys in Congress wanted to do, create a plan to help you. It's about destroying Medicare to 'save' it.

And it's going to cost most of you more, possibly a lot more.

You get to choose a supplier once a year, but they can change conditions on you as much as they like. Savvy?

Yes, like most things in life, especially when you are vulnerable, everyone will be collecting out of your pocket, and if you really get in trouble over all those expenses you will have now, remember there is no bankruptcy anymore.

You get all this because enough people voted for the Republican Congressional candidates in 2002 and 2004.

This is why the act was very unpopular with Democrats. It made things worse for most seniors:

House vote on conference (final) bill:


Almost 90% of Republicans voted for this boodoggle. Over 90% of Democrats voted against it.

Check whether your representative voted to destroy the Medicare we'd been enjoying at the link above.

During the Senate vote on the final bill 9 of the 49 Democrats voted for the bill.

8 out of 51 Republicans voted against the bill. See:Roll call vote Check out what your Senator's did.

Also see: Washington Post on that.


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