Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cuts to Food Stamps and Taxes on the Wealthy on the table

Get the connection?

They cut the food out of kids' mouths while they cut the amount that the wealthy who get an inordinant amount of help and pork from the nation and local government have to pay back to the United States as a partial payment.

Thank the Republican controlled Congress for bringing this all to you.

Food Stamp Cuts Are On Table

Also on the table in Congress are cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.

But what will be cut from the "new welfare" aka the massive Farm Aid packages doled out every few years and is largely responsible for the great Meth addiction of the heartland.

entrepreneurship has been stifled by central government subsidies to agribusiness, while the real problems of rural America — which have little to do with farm policy — have been ignored.

... There were 300 times more seizures of meth labs in Iowa in 1999, for example, than in New York and New Jersey combined, the Drug Enforcement Agency found.

Like crack, meth drives up all the other problems in these communities. Meth users tend to be erratic, violent and in some cases, borderline psychotic — especially when on a sleepless binge or "tweaking" episode. Small-fry dealers steal and war among one another. Users abandon families, lose jobs and batter spouses and loved ones.


But farmers who are just getting by tend to be out of the subsidy loop. About 1.2 million of the nation's 2 million farms do less than $10,000 a year in annual sales, the Agriculture Department reports.
Rural areas = The New Ghettos


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