Monday, November 07, 2005

Delay asked lobbyist to raise $150k through charity

Excerpt: New York Times article:
Representative Tom DeLay asked the lobbyist Jack Abramoff to raise money for him through a private charity controlled by Mr. Abramoff, an unusual request that led the lobbyist to try to gather at least $150,000 from his Indian tribe clients and their gambling operations, according to newly disclosed e-mail from the lobbyist's files.

The electronic messages from 2002, which refer to "Tom" and "Tom's requests," appear to be the clearest evidence to date of an effort by Mr. DeLay, a Texas Republican, to pressure Mr. Abramoff and his lobbying partners to raise money for him. The e-mail messages do not specify why Mr. DeLay wanted the money, how it was to be used or why he would want money raised through the auspices of a private charity.

Texas requires little on corporate donations other than they are used as soft money and are declared. So, how many people are in more trouble here? Did the donaters know what the money was really going for? Apparently Abramoff had many uses for this 'charity' that probably all those who donated knew little about.

And as a UPI report up at Monster and Critics points out, the emails (from which the evidence was gathered) are the first confirmed link found between Delay and Abramoff's activities, and remind us that
The [U.S. Senate Indian Affairs] committee is investigating allegations Abramoff and a former DeLay press secretary defrauded Abramhoff`s Indian tribe clients by using their funds for activities that had little to do with the clients` interests.

New York Times: DeLay Asked Lobbyist to Raise Money Through Charity

Gambling Magazine's copy of New York Times article (no registration needed )

Usenet Copy

The Boston Globe says the result of the donations to the charity (which they describe as Delay's) and to
a group founded by Interior Secretary Gale Norton,
was that Abramhoff and this Indian Clients got a meeting with the secretary, but it cost them $250 altogether. (Hmm seems to me a bit high. I think white Texans get access for about 100k. Maybe others in the Bush administration are ripping the Indian tribes off too. I also wonder what color Norton chose for her new Jag.)

Move along folks, nothing to see here.


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