Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Don't worry Superprecedent will save you

The unconcerned class aka the slightly liberal where their money isn't concerned are laying it on thick.

Don't worry about Roe v Wade. Superprecedent will save you from it's overturn.

It seems from a New York Times analysis that John Roberts supports the "superprecedent" idea
that judges should be reluctant to overturn cases that had been repeatedly reaffirmed [like the right to privacy ala by Roe v Wade)].

To twist a Biblical proverb: A little folding of the hands. A little sleep and thus is the electorate caught in snares of female slavery.

Go to sleep little electorate. The unconcerned class can afford to get their women to another nation for safe abortions. They may take away your right to them, but they are really after your worker rights, yes, your rights as male or female to have some time to spend with your family that you wanted.

So, Do You Believe in 'Superprecedent'? If you believe, clap your hands!


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