Thursday, November 17, 2005

George Will comes out in favors of "gasp" science and not funding religious practices out of the pockets of the taxpayer.

Poor boy is out of touch with mainstream Republicanism.

If they would get back in touch with him, maybe they'd have a chance in November of 2006.

Or, George, there is another party you know. It really looks like you are dissatisfied with the one you're in now.

The conservative coalition, which is coming unglued for many reasons, will rapidly disintegrate if limited-government conservatives become convinced that social conservatives are unwilling to concentrate their character-building and soul-saving energies on the private institutions that mediate between individuals and government, and instead try to conscript government into sectarian crusades.

But, then, the limited-government impulse is a spent force in a Republican Party that cannot muster congressional majorities to cut the growth of Medicaid from 7.3 to 7 percent next year. That "cut" was too draconian for some Republican "moderates." But, then, most Republicans are moderates as that term is used by persons for whom it is an encomium: Moderates are people amiably untroubled by Washington's single-minded devotion to rent-seeking -- to bending government for the advantage of private factions.
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