Tuesday, November 01, 2005

GOP Angered by Closed Senate Session

Points to remember.

The Senate investigation was first requested 2.5 years ago.

The last part was promised over a year ago.

The long delay since shows that the Republicans have to be pushed to investigate how the Bush administration used prewar intelligence.

GOP Angered by Closed Senate Session

And when they are, they resort to name calling and talking points.

Real mature, Senators.

Almost as mature as denying Harriet Miers an up or down vote when you've been complaining about that for a year too.

Update: The New York Times shows how important such an investigation is in editorial that appeared Nov. 2, 2005: Remember That Mushroom Cloud?

Dana Millbank: Mad About You (Says Frist had a temper tantrum yesterday. ) Me: Yeah, and why do they always spout right wing talking points that are as accurate as the intelligence that the Bush administration accepted as true before the invasion of Iraq.



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