Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In Seattle area 1800 get thrown off voter roles by GOP

Republicans admitted Friday they made numerous mistakes in challenging the registrations of 1,944 King County voters last week.

The party dropped its challenges of 140 voters, and state GOP Chairman Chris Vance said more probably were challenged erroneously.

King County elections officials said they were flooded with hundreds of calls Thursday and Friday from confused and angry voters who had received notices from the county that their registrations had been challenged because of Republicans' questions about their address. Many said the challenges were unjustified, elections director Dean Logan said.

He urged them to vote in Tuesday's election anyway, and said their votes will be counted if their registrations turn out to be legal.

Vance apologized to voters whose registrations were challenged mistakenly but said Republicans were motivated by a desire to avoid a repeat of problems that plagued the county elections office last year.

GOP admits it erred in challenging some voters' registration

It did turn out that a majority of the challenged registrations were illegal, but there's a catch. the great majority of the illegally registered voters didn't know they were doing anything illegal when they registered to a mailbox.

For some it was a matter of convenience, and for others, living on boats, it was the only place they could receive mail.

So congratulations Republicans, you found a bunch of people living on boats that could be registered legally, but the mail service won't service them and some people that just didn't understand they couldn't use their mailbox instead of their home address.

Also, apparently they some living in apartmetns at storage lots they help run and got them banned too, except that since the people do actually live there they are actulally legal.

Those challenged were sent a letter on November 1, 2005, not a heck of a lot of time for busy or shut in people to get reregistered or prove their legality in, but to hold to the Republican's higher standards in high Democratic areas, these things need to be done.

The glorious state GOP Chairman Chris Vance is duly gratified that he eliminated so many evil people from the voting roles in that scumsucking Democratic area and is now planning his Senate campaign (we assume).

The results of and findings on the Washington GOP moves to eliminate voters were in today's Seattle Times.

Excerpt from article linked closely above:
...most voters apparently registered at the nonresidential addresses because it was more convenient and because they didn't know it was against the law.

A significant number appear to be voters who live on boats and can't get their mail delivered there.

The largest number of challenged voters — 130 — are registered at Ballard Mailbox and Shipping, on Market Street in Ballard. Owner Karen Wagner said most are "live-aboards."

"They're outraged," she said. "This is where they have to get their mail. ...

Twenty more are registered at Lake Union Mail, on East Louisa Street in the Eastlake area. Owner Jules James said five no longer rent boxes there, but 15 do — mostly live-aboards and "snowbirds" who, in some cases, couldn't have learned about the challenges in time to switch their registrations to their residences.

"To spring this on these voters right before the election is terrible," James said. "Nobody's trying to cheat anyone here except the Republicans — and I am one."

James was a Republican candidate for the Legislature in 1984.

a number of voters whose registrations were challenged said they are registered at their homes.

"The Republican Party clearly did not do their homework," said Cathryn Virzi, who, along with her husband, Joe, is registered at their house on Queen Anne. "It's obviously not a business."

"If intimidation is the tactic, it backfired," Virzi said. "We're more determined than ever that our votes count."

The registrations of several voters who live in apartments at the storage-unit complexes they manage also were challenged.

County Democratic Chairwoman Susan Sheary said Democrats began trying to contact voters on the Republicans' list Friday. She said the research will continue through Wednesday; then Democrats will decide what to do next.

A lawsuit against Republicans is possible, she said.

In Seattle, Democrats said they found 29 more voters in the 36th Legislative District and seven in the 46th whose registrations had been challenged erroneously. Those numbers could not be immediately verified.

Meanwhile, state Sen. Jean Kohl-Welles, D-Seattle, said in a statement Monday that she will propose legislation prohibiting challenges of voters' registrations so close to an election.

And and excerpt from another Seattle based news site:
“This is an unfortunate example of what happens when what is a serious issue, people’s right to vote, is hijacked for partisan advantage,” Kaushik said. “This is a concern that we’ve had in King County for some time, ever since this issue came down the pike—that there’s a real possibility that innocent, ordinary people would get caught up in what appears to be a partisan campaign to challenge voters.”

As for Vance’s claim that Republicans had to act because King County hasn’t been doing a good enough job at purging illegal voters, Kaushik said: “King County is doing its job. We’ve done an immense amount of work over the last six months in terms of cleaning up our voter rolls. We’ve removed thousands of registrations that were incorrect registrations. To try to claim that we’re not making any effort to clean our voter rolls or are attempting to allow people to vote multiple times and vote illegally is just flat-out false.”

He said county election workers had been flooded with calls in the last two days from angry King County residents who had received Republican-generated challenge letters, including one call from an elderly African-American woman who felt her letter was part of an effort to suppress her vote.

Vance stressed that the letters were not part of a vote-suppression effort, and therefore Sotelo’s letters, with their false declarations made “under penalty of perjury,” were not illegal. “If she had been wrong on purpose, that would be perjury,” Vance said. “But we made an error.”
Republican Party Wrongly Tries to Prevent at Least 140 King County Residents from Voting

And, finally, a formal request for a perjury investigation has been filed.
This morning, as voters began heading to the polls, King County Councilman Larry Phillips formally requested that a perjury investigation be opened into the scores of false voter challenges issued by King County Republican Vice-Chair Lori D. Sotelo.
At link one finds also a link to a pdf file, proof. I currently can't get Adobe reader to reinstall and therefore did not want to link to something from here than I had never read.


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