Sunday, November 06, 2005

Islamic Scholars Threaten al Qaeda

Excerpt of New Zealand news report:
Al Qaeda members in Iraq will suffer the "horrors of hell" if they kill two Moroccan hostages and the victims will die as martyrs, Morocco's influential Islamic scholars organisation said on Saturday.

On Thursday, al Qaeda said it had put the two Moroccan embassy employees on trial and sentenced them to death because of Morocco's support for the US-backed Baghdad government. The two men were seized late last month.

"The two Moroccans would be considered martyrs if this iniquitous verdict were to be carried out as they were carrying out a duty assigned to them by their nation and legitimate state," said the powerful Islamic body which groups thousands of mosque preachers and Islamic scholars and thinkers.

And more importantly they can affect how many donations will be made to al Qaeda "charities". Now that will get results! Those Moroccans should be home in a about a week. Nothing a quasi religious group loves more than money (unless it the death of apostates who won't send them any money.) BTW, that goes for most of what we recognize as religious groups, too.

Al Qaeda dealt horrors of hell threat


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