Sunday, November 13, 2005

It makes me want to go right out and google something

What Lurks in its Soul

Google into searching human genomes? Imagine, personal searches of one's genome. Somehow there has to be blood involved there I know. Do you send your blood? Can you do that on dialup or do you need to have broadband?

What happens if you slip and send your dog's blood?

Liked the lifestyle of the googlers. I hope they allow Americans to work there.

But apparently Microsoft is pretty upset with Google releasing things for widepspread use in BETA.
[Google's] penchant for continuously releasing new products and services in beta, or test form, before they are perfected, has sent Microsoft reeling. Chairman Bill Gates recently warned employees in an internal memo of the challenges posed by such "disruptive" change.

Yeah, hey, that's Microsoft's game (only they don't call them BETA). What's up with that?

Now they're providing search for books and working with NASA--no they aren't saying how and trying to set up a wireless internet system that could replace the cable and phone lines we use.

I can't wait.


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