Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jordan's mad at Iraq. Iraq's mad at Syria

Yep, the boy king has been at it again.

Uniting, not dividing. (Oops reverse that)

I love it, Iraq's training camps are bigger than Afghanistan's pre 9/11 and they accuse Syria of having all the training camps.

I know Karen or Karl thought that up for them. It's a favorite neocon trick to accuse others of what you're doing.

Top Iraqi defense officials launched broadsides against Syria on Sunday, accusing it of sheltering training camps for foreign fighters and allowing them to sneak into Iraq to commit deadly suicide bombings. The charges came as Jordan blamed suicide bombers from Iraq for three deadly hotel blasts in Amman on Wednesday.


The charges -- which echo complaints by U.S. military officials that Syria is doing little to patrol its 376-mile border with Iraq -- came as Jordanian officials released additional details about three suicide bombers from Iraq who committed a triple hotel bombing on Wednesday, killing 57 people. A fourth bomber -- the wife of one of the others -- was arrested Sunday by Jordanian security officials and subsequently said on Jordanian television that she was unable to detonate her explosive vest. Jordanian officials said the vests were manufactured in Iraq and transported across the border.

Iraq Officials Launch Broadsides Against Syria

I'll be happy if they can deflect some of the blame that is being passed around in Jordan at the poor Iraqi exiles, the great majority of whom are fleeing our mess in Iraq, and there are people there of whom I feel kindly.

But it's still funny.


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