Friday, November 11, 2005

Just Having 'A Little Fun'

Putting a whoopie cushion on someone's chair is a little fun at someone's else's expense. Freezing the underwear of the drunk guy passed out at a party is a little fun at someone else's expense. Subjecting prisoners to simulated drownings, brutal beatings, and yes, even this "frat boy" Naked Pile (attn: Fraternity members! Did you ever do that to your pledges?) is under no circumstances just having "a little fun." Such methods undoubtedly qualify as "cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment or punishment," which is what McCain's amendment would specifically prohibit.

If America is to be a nation whose citizens can hold their heads high when they talk about spreading freedom and democracy, we can't just rely on the argument that our barbarian behavior is less barbarous than the other guy's. Eric Alterman puts it this way: "if our enemy forces us to adopt tactics that betray our fundamental values, they’ve won the war whether or not they win on the 'battlefield'."

Kudos to Emily Messner

But she forget facts that many do forget when faced with the right wing lies that the Abu Ghraib abuses are not comparable to terrorism or other atrocities.

The first beheading of an American came the week after the Abu Ghraib story broke. After the story, which had been circulating as rumors in Iraq for over a year, was affirmed, al Zarqawi felt emboldened enough to start such perversity--though really is it worse that they taped it? Of course it's worse to the Bush administration, and to us, that we have to confront what the Bush people caused and we allowed. But in any case a many died a horrible death even if we didn't have to view it.

Still, abuse against a person's religion was considered by our spiritual and political forefathers as more important than even facing death.

I guess we've weakened today.

Anoather important point though is that the Abu Ghraib abuses led to the death of Nick Berg.

The right wing emails compare the abuse to 9/11, beheading of Daniel Pearl, etc, but no Iraqis were involved with those atrocities, and Abu Ghraib punished none of those people.

Punishing Iraqis for those crimes can only make the ignorant type of people who have been spouting "Nuke the Towelheads" for over 25 years happy. So once again we find the Republican groups playing the racism game.

Not a Surprise.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and this began with the stolen election of 2000 and the installation of this illegitimate Bush administration which provoked the 9-11 attacks with their heavy handed foreign policy with te Taliban from Jan 2001 until July 2001.

The arabs don't hate America they hate George W Bush and his profits over people philosphy.

11:48 AM  

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