Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Libby Lied

Libby lied under oath.

The case that Mr. Libby was to testify on was not a cooked up case, a set up to trap a man in about the most extreme conditions he could be in without the threat of bodily harm.

The case was brought about by his own actions.

Just because another senior White House official told Woodward about Plame, as they wanted SOMEONE to expose her and ruin her career-- even at the cost of ruining the protection of OUR NATION's covert program to discover hidden proliferation of WMDs-- that doesn't make it right for Libby to do it, nor to lie about what he'd done.

Neither does the fact that the senior Bush administration member blathered about it to Woodward mean it wasn't a necessary secret. What it might mean is that Cheney --oops the senior White House official should be under indictment too.

And Woodward should be sitting in jail until he gets a romantic poem from the VP-- oops again-- senior White House official (however stomach churning that might be).


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