Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Microsoft warns users of XP sp1 and 2000 sp4! Be advised: You might be able to hack your own computer!

Upgrade now!

Well, if this means something else, let me know:

According to the Microsoft security advisory, "the vulnerability could allow an attacker to levy a denial of service attack of limited duration" on Windows XP SP1 if the attacker has valid log-on credentials.

Although the flaw cannot be exploited remotely by an anonymous user, the company said that the affected component is available remotely to users who could gain access through a guest account. The advisory added that users with SP2 are not at risk.

Microsoft has rated the threat as "low" and has not yet developed a patch. In order to launch an attack on Windows 2000 users, the attacker would have to gain remote access to the Remote Procedure Call port. The RPC is generally located behind a firewall and therefore is difficult to access remotely.

Microsoft Warns of New Security Threat

I know my computer is pretty scared of me late at night. The spelling errors alone leave it begging for a valium.


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