Friday, November 25, 2005

New Mexico paper uncovers 20 year old Richardson Lie

Though the Washington Post article made it seem that "Richardson was caught trying to maintain a lie by the "Albuquerque Journal", their own report showed that Richardson had left the claim out of his biography published earlier this month.

Since that book needed to be written even earlier than the publication date, apparently Richardson had dropped any mention of being drafted.

He seems to have gotten the idea that he had been picked by the KC Athletics from what a coach reported to an amateur league.

This is big news!

After all Brownie was doing a "heck of a job" dealing with Katrina when his lies that were pertinent to his handling of the disaster were exposed.

So pay back is fair game, right?

What's Richardson ever done for the US?


Secretary Department of Energy

Former Ambassador to the UN where he worked for Civil Rights and towards controlling the proliferation of WMDs. (In contrast, the current administration easily destroyed decades of clandestine effort at tracking and stopping the hidden spread of WMDs with the outing of a key agent, Valerie Plame.)

Special envoy on "sensitive international missions" getting hostages, prisoners in North Korea, and American servicemen released. In fact, when the news reported that Bill Richardson was brought in on an international conflict, you knew that the crisis was just about over. Or at least that was my feelings, and it always turned out that way, during the heyday of the Clinton administration.

And that guys a Democrat! Of course he must be destroyed over what some overzealous campaign aide wrote 20 plus years ago.

It's the 21st century's "Fairness Doctrine"*.

But--- wait for it. Suddenly, it will be all about morals, though when the neocons get caught in major moral failings then old fashioned "morality" is duly reported by the news media to not be a concern to "Americans".

Richardson Backs Off Baseball Claim


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