Wednesday, November 09, 2005

News briefs or links to reports to study later

Senators Question Oil Industry Executives Go get 'em guys and gals! Do it for Nawlins and for the rest of us. If it was possible to pass a extra profit tax on the oil companies in the Nixon era, it should be possible now.

Donna Frye loses in San Diego Darn!

Kilpatrick Wins 2nd Term As Detroit Mayor Sure there are a lot of things wrong with Detroit, but most are caused by dumb American car companies that only want to build big cars. Every time the Asians either figure out how to build th big cars better or we get hit by high oil prices and the US and Detroit loses.

Alito Signals Reluctance to Overturn Roe v. Wade Yeah right, and I have this great bridge to sell.

Cali Voters Reject Schwarzenegger's Bid to Remake State Government Lame Duck Flu Strikes Again. Oh believe me, he is a lame duck. We all know it. Even 'Mc Cain' couldn't help him now.

Also see:Voters Reject Schwarzenegger Initiatives

Election Tea Leaves Howard Kurtz starts out by slapping pundits around, then figures out what he himself does for a living and suddenly changes tone.
Every four years, the press grabs onto the flotsam of the Jersey and Virginia races and the New York mayoral contest--boosted this year by Arnold's special election in California--and tries to interpret, infer and extrapolate what it all means . And it may not mean squat beyond the borders of those states. But political reporters are smart enough to make it interesting reading anyway.
But of course with Kurtz there is always much more.

Inside French Housing Project, Feelings of Being the OutsidersPoverty and injustice at center or the riots? Could't be. Everyone knows that people just love to be treated like excess help.

Interesting though, especially as Americans are increasingly treated like excess workers in their own land.

Under fire from Democrats, Cheney pushes back Aaaaah! Are they messing up his ickle plans to become president?


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