Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Now there are issues of trust with McClellan?

Actually, those of us who are not in the vaulted corridors of professional journalism and therefore sometimes inhabit the chambers of certain forums in which news is the main topic, started noticing a severe turn of the White House press corps quite a while ago.

Questions of Trust in the Press Room

No longer are most of the White House Press Corps mere stenographers for Mr. McClellan's words. In fact, it seems somewhere around the time that Jeff Gannon was exposed that things went decidedly South.

Gannon-Guckert was first allowed into the sessions when Ari Fleischer was the White House spokesman. Mr. Fleischer said that someone in his office certified Gannon for the White House press meetings, but it wasn't him. Insiders say though that only left one person who could have certified Jeff-James, and that person was Scott McClellan--Mr. Fleischer's top aide at the time, a fact which "Scotty" obviously pretends does not exist in a a press gaggle in February 2005.

See that is a case in which Mr. Mc Clellan could have come clean. It is not a case of the White House passing bad info through the press secretary, but of the spokesman hiding things he knows about.

Scott has gotten what he deserves.


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