Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Plame Leak Case Edges Closer to John Bolton--Will Corporate Owned News ever report on this?

Read Raw News report on John Bolton's connection to the Plame Leak Case. Excerpts below with further analysis and help from other leaks ignored by the corporate supported news media. (In leui of Mainstream News Media I target the corporate and RNC supported 'news' media which also includes most of the right wing 'news' sites like News Max, CNS, World News Daily, Sierra Times. It also includes thousands of bloggers who haven't put on the pretense that they are news sites as the shoddy operations at the above named e-publications have, yet also pass on the right wing talking points. I have even seen proof that some of the bloggers actually have gotten money from the RNC for passing on info that-Gannon Guckert gave them--apparently which he got through his connections with someone within the White House.)

Greg Thielman, a former director at the State Department who was assigned to Bolton and entrusted with providing the former under secretary of state with intelligence information, told New Yorker journalist Seymour Hersh that Bolton had become frustrated that Thielman was not providing him the smoking gun intelligence information on Iraq that he wanted to hear.

"He surrounded himself with a hand-chosen group of loyalists, and found a way to get CIA information directly," Thielman said in Hersh's book, "Chain of Command." (Page 223)

"In essence, the undersecretary (Bolton) would be running his own intelligence operation, without any guidance or support," Hersh wrote. "Eventually, Thielman said, Bolton demanded that he and his staff have direct electronic access to sensitive intelligence, such as foreign agent reports and electronic intercepts. In previous administrations, such data had been made available to undersecretaries only after it was analyzed, usually in the specific secured offices of the INR." (Page 222)


It is unclear whether Bolton played any other role in the Plame outing, but his connection to the Iraq uranium claims certainly gave him a motive to discredit Wilson, who had called into question the veracity of the Niger documents. A probe by the State Department Inspector General revealed that Bolton's office was responsible for the placement of the Niger uranium claims in the State Department's December 2002 "fact sheet" on Iraq's WMD program.

The attorneys said it is unlikely that the information Hannah and Wurmser had provided Fitzgerald and included in the indictment will ever become public, but their testimony in the case was crucial in that it allowed Fitzgerald to put together a timeline that showed how various governmental agencies knew about Plame's covert CIA status.

Put that together with the fact that John Bolton regularly passed on information directly to Judith Miller and that John Bolton made a special trip to Ms Judy in prison.

Now consider the fact that a person under investigation only needs to reveal what can be proven they know or did, and that people in the Bush administration are just the type of folks to use that strategy--take I. Lewis Libby for example.

The question is whether, after Judith returned from Iraq and lost her security clearance, John Bolton passed on one more piece of information. As the Raw Story article points out, he had the motive, the information (or access to it), and the connection.

Remember that Judith first said that though she had "Valerie Flame" in her notes, she didn't think Libby told her.

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