Monday, November 14, 2005

Post's CIA prison article comes under attack

Trust me the excerpt below is a pretty short under blog standards. I'm not going to just repeat Kurtz's article as so many bloggers do, but I must show people who come from elsewhere something of what he's saying.

Dana Priest, and her newspaper, are being hit from both sides.

Some conservatives are furious over her Washington Post story this month disclosing that the CIA has been hiding and interrogating terror suspects at secret prisons in Eastern Europe. And some liberals are angry that The Post agreed to a request by senior U.S. officials not to name the countries involved.

"We are being accused of being in the pocket of the administration," Priest says. "One student called me up from a Virginia university to tell me they were burning the paper at a protest, because we're complicit in torture."

With the House intelligence committee launching an investigation into the leak of classified information and the CIA referring the matter to the Justice Department, the controversy could mushroom into another Valerie Plame fracas...

About all this, first see this from a few days ago.

So, in other words: The Bush administration leaked the story about the CIA prisons and now they want to make a big deal about it. The Daily Scribble toon has it correct. It is obviously a ploy to give cover to Plamegate. It is also the way they've manufactured scandals especialy over the last year and a half. Leak something or put out something phony and then shreak to the heavens when them media picks it up.

The Newsweek article on the flushed Korans came from a high Bush administration official! They he retracted it, but the point is who got the blame--the reporters and their publication.

In other words, it's a pretty obvious ploy, not only to distract the public from what they did and are doing, but to also destroy anything left of the free news media often striking at those in the news business who actually still have some integrity left, like Dana Priest, Michael Ishikoff, and before his retirement Dan Rather.

Also, our young people, who are understandably upset over what is occuring in this nation, are taught to knee jerk blame the news media for the work of less than democratic people in Washington in response. And we let them do it. On the liberal side we have this maudlin belief in free speech.

I am sorry to see the Washington Post be targeted over the CIA prison report though.

The news media's trolls will be all over the CIA prison story, repeating it and keeping the Bush administration's claims about it in the public view. I don't mind the out and out right wing columnists like Krauthammer, but the hidden ones are pretty moldy smelling. You know the ones in on the conference calls who release a little bit of non damaging inside information on the Bush people, who never get in trouble, like Ishikoff and Priest did, or get fired like Robert Sheer did because their inside info is approved and even given to them along with the talking points via their "conference calls".


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