Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Quickies 11/16/05

Group Files FEC Complaint Against Diddy

What is it that the conservatives have against free speech?

Engineer Indicted As Chinese Agent

Some pundit conjectured earlier that Chinese spies aren't convicted because of the economic might of the Communist country. Sounds as plausible as the excuse given in this article.

Aritcle fails to mention that Katrina Leung was an important Republican activist.

Also see: Who's Scandal Was It? (Chinese Espionage in the U.S.)

Most D.C. Property Priced Out Of Reach

Um, what was their first clue?

Okay, just kidding. Some reporters aren't making the six figures of the average scribe in a corporate news venue. Nice to see this getting print, though.

Oh, wait a minute, now I get what this is about. See reference below to other WP article. I was wrong. It now looks like the affluent people at WP are trying to build support for the mayor's plan to kick the poor people out and build cheaper homes for the affluent.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Mayor Plans $558 Million For Affordable Housing

Affordable housing for whom?

New Communities initiative, which seeks to harness escalating property values in the District by replacing blocks of concentrated poverty with townhouses and apartments attractive to middle- and upper-income buyers.

I can't say anything here that should be published in front of the world.

Bush Pushes China on Freedoms

President Bush issued a carefully calibrated call for greater liberty throughout Asia on Wednesday, implicitly comparing the "free and democratic Chinese society" in Taiwan with repression in mainland China.

Good choice of words, President Torture. Better point to some other country than our own.

Investigation Faults Ex-Chairman Of CPB

Why is this hidden in Arts and Entertainment? I guess for the same reason that reports showing that Iraq had no WMDs before the 2003 invasion were often hidden in the business pages in various newspapers. (I'm not sure that happened at the Washington Post, but they did admit to hiding such reports in high number pages like 21, 22, etc.)


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