Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quickies 11/17/05

Senate Passes Bill to Require Full Funding of Private Pensions

Why is stuff like this hidden in the business section. This is of vital interest, like the article about vaccine funding to all Americans.

Congress Arrives at A Deal on Patriot Act

Scr@#ed again

Scr@#ed again

Thank God Almighty, we're Scr@#ed again!

And not in a good way

Rep. Davis Warns of Backlash if Roe v. Wade Is Overturned

Again the Republicans show us that all they care about is keeping control. Of course they need to stay away from Roe V Wade if they want to let the corporations have more control over our lives, and to start more wars. But then they could lose that religio-fascist base that give them the numbers to win, if they did actually win, in 2004. Just about no one else but the few very rich can stand them anymore.

Just a question to religious people. Roe v Wade may die, but you will be slaves to corporations if we keep re-electing Republican control. Is that in God's plan?

Post Reporter Is Held in Contempt in Civil Suit

U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer ruled that Lee is entitled to know who reporter Walter Pincus's sources are because his lawsuit against the government for alleged violations of federal privacy law cannot go forward otherwise, and because he has exhausted all other possibilities for getting the information.

Hmmm. Who gets to write the romantic letter to Pincus?

Climate Shift Tied To 150,000 Fatalities

I was warning about this years ago in my first, self constructed blogs, not with any number in mind though. You look around and see droughts, and other climate anomalies killing people while global warming is going on. It's not that hard to understand. I'm glad that another validation of this most important fact has come out.

The Woodward Bombshell

Oh come on Howard. Is it really such a bombshell that Woodward is hiding information again? It sure has given WP reporters something to talk about, but are readers really interested in hearing all the self serving slop coming out about this?

I guess all this blogger stuff is getting you guys in trouble with the fat cats that finance your nice life style. How terrible of you guys to let real Americans communicate with each other. This just isn't done! The RNC and big business didn't funnel millions into paid message board spammers and poltical bloggers to see actual free speech popup because some newspaper thought they'd let ordinary Joe's in on the process.

Actually, that was a good move, but don't think you can rest on your laurels because you have done this, because bloggers aren't in on the rest of the game, where someone gets big bucks for being stenographers to wealth and power. (Well, it's been proven that some right wing blogs and newsites are, but most of us aren't.)

MIT Is Crafting Cheap -- But Invaluable -- Laptops

Kids in Poor Nations Would Benefit

What about poor college students in the US?

Cheney Unleashed

What he said.

After you read Froomkins piece please see this Or if you don't want to read Froomkin's column you are welcome to read the other one too. Our star tonight is Dick Nixon.


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