Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Quickies 11/29/05

Marble Falls From Supreme Court Building's Facade, Spurring Theories of Symbolism

Did anyone ask the building whom it wanted inside?

After all the new Chief Justice has only a few years of judicial experience, himself.

A Growing Wariness About Money in Politics

For several years now, corporations and other wealthy interests have made ever-larger campaign contributions, gifts and sponsored trips part of the culture of Capitol Hill. But now, with fresh guilty pleas by a lawmaker and a public relations executive, federal prosecutors -- and perhaps average voters -- may be concluding that the commingling of money and politics has gone too far.

Ya think?

BTW, According to an AP report in The Mercury News on the resignation of a California Republican congressman, Tom Delay was accepting plane rides from the same folks that 'Duke'Cunningham hitched with. Could there be coal in Mr. DeLay's stocking this year?

Wilkes also owned a small private air carrier, Group W Transport, that flew Cunningham and other lawmakers - including former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas - to fund-raisers and other events in a Lear jet, The San Diego Union-Tribune has reported.

After congressman resigns, prosecutors say case is far from over

Vice President's Office Keeps Travel Expenses Under Wraps

That's it.

He's Agnewed himself.

But only if the American people stand up to this horror who has taken control of the US.

If we stay docile and quiet this will be all covered over.

The difference between the Nixon era and now is that the American people did not stand docile in front of the Nixon White House and whine in their little groups.

They held more anti-war protests, they complained among themselves, they made sure that their families heard how bad they thought the Nixon administration was when gathered together for holidays.

Does the average American have the spine to express themselves or will this be covered over again.

Why don't we demand a special prosecutor for this?

Holiday season Tornado in Arkansas?

A sixth person was killed when a tornado hurled a car in Arkansas.
Blizzard Traps Travelers Across the Plains

Now who says there's no global warming? (Tornadoes are dependent on warm humid air being overrun by cold dry air.) Usually tornadoes can only form in the cold months in the lowest moistest latitudes of the US like Florida, CA, and the Gulf Coast.

How'd I miss this?

States Struggling With Disaster-Relief Aid

The Bush administration wants it's money back from Katrina relief saying it hasn't been spent, but it hasn't been spent because FEMA's been sitting on it. Good going, Duct Tape Man. You're doing a heck of a job. Don't you want to spend more time with your family too?

More: Do Not Forsake Us

The lights went out on New Orleans when Bush team unplugged the massive generators used for his photo ops.

Costliest Part of Gulf Rebuilding Yet to Come

The federal government is trying to get out of paying for the Gulf Coast's Recovery. (Federalism is "messy," they claim in supreme moment of irony. Under compassionate conservatism, I guess it is.)

Florida and Mississippi are still hurting too (Right Wing bloggers keep trying to pin the problems of slow recovery on Democrats in office there.)

Hurricane Season Ends, but Pain Remains

FEMA Not Using Rent-Free Units

One of the nation's largest home lenders offered 1,500 housing units for Hurricane Katrina evacuees, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency has so far failed to put families into any of them, a Democratic congressman said Friday.

Responding to concerns raised Friday by Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, D-Miss., mortgage lender Fannie Mae confirmed it offered the housing units _ rent-free for up to 18 months _ to FEMA two months ago.
Fertility Drug Linked to Birth Defects
One Woman's Choice

Zeroing Out the Messenger
Contractors Linked to Bribery Case Worked Together


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