Saturday, November 12, 2005


Paris Spared Riots on Holiday

Can't they all just get along? Obviously the immigrants are very acclimated to the French lifestyle if they won't do without a holiday even for rioting.

American working people should be so smart.

California Governor Drops Fight With Nurses

No more throwing bed pans at each other? Good idea anyway. Sometime the gropenator's going to need a nurse as we all will.

Liberians Protest Soccer Star's Defeat

My first thought was: Guys and gals, be careful what you wish for. Just because your mega star wants to move on doesn't mean he or she would make a good leader.

Just ask the people of California.

But then upon reading it, the article looks to be about suspicions of a stolen election.

The assumed election of a former supporter of Charles Taylor.

The youth against the establishment.

So far the whole thing is peaceful though.

With more than 90 percent of the votes counted, Johnson-Sirleaf, a former finance minister, had won 59 percent of the vote to Weah's 41 percent. International election observers have said the voting was largely free and fair.

If you remember, that same judgement was given over the Ukraine elections, until it wasn't. I believe the observers in that case were mostly American and it was our leadership that was at the forefront of reversing that decision. In fact thousands of NGO getting American taxpayer money and Americans themselves were working in the Ukraine before the election and during the uprising that happened afterwards (and you may rememeber that Yushenko's wife is a former aide to Reagan).

Just after Kyrgystan flipped a viewing of NGOs in Central Asia would notice an extroadinarily high level of NGOs in that nation too. Something to think about. It might mean nothing.

Democrats Losing Race For Funds Under Dean

Hmm but the President's and Republicans' lies are being exposed. Why is it always about money with the journalists?

A Health Threat We're Not Treating
Hmmm, I'm not a doctor, but I'd say consider the source on this one. This is the guy who led the witchhunt against Bill Clinton for an affair with an aide, while living with a former aide while his wife lived back in Georgia.

In China, Crossing the Line Into Activism
Across China, a quarter-century of expanding capitalism has unleashed powerful forces of change, but those left behind or hurt by the upheavals have few channels for protest in a political system monopolized by the Communist Party. They are increasingly turning to the streets, angry about pollution in their rivers, industry gobbling up their farmland, and poor working conditions in factories. The numbers of protesters have risen dramatically, Public Security Minister Zhou Yongkang acknowledged recently, despite draconian laws against unauthorized demonstrations and powerful security forces to enforce them.

Hmmm when was the last time I saw so much compassion for an American worker? I don't think I can remember.

An Industrial Town Stares Change in the Face

But I thought it was all getting better and better.

The Reporter's Last Take

Dang it's 5 pager and I have to go to work. So far it's priceless. I'll print it out.

Wait a minute this is too good to miss:

Middle East Democracy Summit Ends in Rancor

MANAMA, Bahrain, Nov. 12 -- President Bush's democracy initiative in the Middle East suffered a serious setback Saturday when the Forum for the Future, an international meeting attended by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, ended without a formal agreement on democracy promotion.

In a surprise move, Egypt, which accounts for more than half the Arab world's population and is the second-largest recipient of U.S. aid, scuttled the conference by demanding language that would have given Arab governments significant control over which democracy groups receive aid from a new fund.


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