Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Rice Cements Deal on Gaza Borders

Yeah, like the deal wasn't done already and then left for her to 'okay'.

Abuse Included Use of Lions, Iraqis Allege

Saw the headline, thought they were talking about pre-war Iraq. We look more and more like Saddam with every revelation.

Press 'D' for Details

"D"on't bother. It's all a scam to get more of your money into the hands of insurance agencies, and HMOs.

See: Confusion Is Rife About Drug Plan as Sign-Up Nears

A Daily Workout Could Add 4 Years to Life, Study Says

But then, not being rich will take decades off of it anyway.

Alleged 'Cell Phone Bandit' in Custody

Another dissatisfied credit card user.

Bush Shifts Focus With Trip to Asia

Another Rovian trick. Put your fingers in your ears saying "Nyah Nyah, You're wrong and I'm right" (As Bush has been doing for the last few days) and then run away.)

Grizzlies May Lose Status as 'Threatened'

Watch out guys. Like with the alligators, all of a sudden you're fair game. Yes, I read that hunting will be restricted. Isn't that the way it started for gators too?

Bush's Third Campaign

Froomkin's article is excellent.

But, Let me say this about that (situation). (IIRC, "Let me say this about that" was a oft quoted Nixon phrase.)

Leap in the Dark

This is all going to get very ugly very fast. This time lets support our seniors as they find out the horrors inflicted on them from the Medicare 'Modernization Act of 2003'. Long waits in HMOs, Medicare drug plans under which the drugs are more expensive than before. We're all going to be old someday and need the old Medicare with a real prescription drug benefit. BTW, see this.


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