Sunday, November 27, 2005

RE: One Woman's Choice

One Woman's Choice

The line of anti-abortion bloggers on this article's page is very interesting.

Why do people have so much time to obsess on this cause?

Have you ever wondered about that?

Maybe you are pro-life and berated yourself about the people that go out everyday and yell at women going into clinics. Maybe you tell yourself you should be doing that. What are you doing going to work or taking care of the kids, house and meals. You should be out there! So you drop more money in the pro-life envelope at church or send it direct next week.

Please stop feeling guilty.

These people are paid.

Like all non profits they are using the money to support themselves for a job that really isn't that hard. Driving around and yelling at women. Is that really tough?

This has been a major, though unacknowledged, occupation for decades and has grabbed all the power and money it can.

Sure your local guys or someone driving into your community will try to get all the local volunteers they can using guilt and fear on the people of the surrounding churches. The more people out there yelling at women the better--money for them that is. But mainly, its a job -- at least to the organizers and to most of the people involved. It's their 9 to 5.

Instead of doing anything that actually adds to the prosperity of the nation this is what they do.

The anti-choice bloggers here are obviously of that stripe. I'd be willing to bet that the faith based charity money is involved in the whole pro-life for pay movement too, now that they can get it.

If the Congress is ever wrest away from the Republicans, maybe the investigations that are being done under the radar in Congress will be brought out and those who are using taxpayer funds to do their politicking (including the small time blogger) will be looking at something in return besides a paycheck. First of all, will be to have them refund to the US taxpayer all the money they got for this illegal endeavor.


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