Thursday, November 10, 2005

Reply to and news about Judith Miller's latest stunts.

Firedrake: It's the Judy Miller Show!

And fishbowlNY has some insight on Ms. MIller's current writings too.

Apparently there is a cat fight twixt the Miller and MoDo.

Excerpt repeated from fishbowl's excerpts but critical to what I want to say about this:

    Judy to MoDo: "I agree with you that reporters must be more than stenographers. The same is true of columnists. I hope you will correct the record soon."

Buuuurrrrrnnnnn! That is so good and I think now untrue (of Mo Dowd) (though I'm sure she was just snarkily reworking rw talking points in the 90s up until she saw what a disaster the Bush administration was going to be, that I'm sure Judy had some help with that one. ..I'm thinking Mr. politics of personal destruction himself-KR unless Libby-- who is not we repeat not! her 'lover' as she has maintained publicly until just about every is sure to know about it (and now thinks he is) can wax as mean as he can poetic and pornographic.

Darn that $50 fee! I hate that I missed the first scratch in this fight.

"Jungle red, Judy".--Mo

BTW,the burn could go deep as the rw now thinks Mo passes on Democratic talking points (of course they don't understand the left wing if they think we have talking points. We can't stand anyone telling us what to say or think) and she is on shaky ground with some of her latest writings.

Or maybe not. It's quite possible I'm making a mountain out of molehill about the danger to Maureen, kinda like the corporate news did to Howard Dean in their inept reporting on the Iowa caucus last year. But repeat it enough and it will become 'the truth' set in stone.

fishbowlNY: Judith Miller scoops the NY Times


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