Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sex at a VA School!-Religious right now gets to take over television

Already they are blaming television because some families can't control their kids like they want to.

Excerpt of Washington Post article on increasing sex at school:

They think that if they see it on TV, they can get away with it in real life."

For example, the popular movie "Mean Girls" -- a comedy about clique warfare in high school -- showed a girl in a bra and skirt making out with a guy in briefs in the school auditorium's projection room.

Cpl. Michael Rudinski, president of the Maryland Association of School Resource Officers, said teenagers do whatever they think their peers are doing, whether they are or not. "The thing about young people is when they see things in the mass media and they think it's going on, they start doing it."

The article notes that the school in question was one that taught abstinence as the Christians promised would make kids be 'pure until marriage', but there it was, girls servicing the football team members while others looked on. Shades of "Spur Posse"--which, if your remember the incident which created a stir in the 90s as supposedly showing the decadence of the nation's blue areas, happened in Southern California.

A small voice in my head asks: "What is wrong with getting kids together to talk about what is really going on if the problem is TV (as they described it, but they named a movie) versus real life? And why didn't they include radio as most music has sexual and even more so the need to be 'coupled' themes in it?" Maybe because "TV" and "Movies" are perceived to be a Hollywood, CA thing, and music -- especially the highly coupling Country-Western Music -- is perceived to more often be produced in their own back yard.

BTW, folks Country Western is probably even more likely to lead to inappropriate sex (as they define it) because of the "Gotta have a man/woman" themes in it. It teaches young people they are nothing if not coupled and therefore when the object of one's desire for going on a date demands sex for a relationship, it happens.

On the other hand, Hip Hop actually teaches young women to be distrustful of a man's intentions and to work a situation to her advantage, to travel with a group of other young women if single and many useful details to real life.

And, if you think that TV is a sorry wasteland now, just wait until our wonderful religious groups take over. I've seen some of the stuff they call funny or dramatic, heard their insipid pop music. I was in the fundamentalist church for 40 years, until the day that the war they supported on Iraq started. After that I realized they didn't care about God or man, but that today's American churches are there to collect that 10%.

Well, the last cure the religious right offered (Abstinence only sexual education) didn't work.

How much more of our lives will we be forced to cede to them?

This isn't democracy. This is Theofascism. And that is not "Of the Lord".


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