Friday, November 25, 2005

Students to help decide Saddam trial.

Excerpt from Post article:
Ariston Johnson has a huge paper due Monday: 60 pages of legal analysis with a fat binder full of supporting documents. After he turns it in to his professor at the College of William and Mary School of Law, his research will be sent to Iraq, flown to Baghdad and sped down the often-bombed highway to the fortified Green Zone.

There, in an ornate former palace compound, papers written by pairs of students in human rights clinics at four U.S. schools will be translated into Arabic for the judges at the Iraqi Special Tribunal.

Interesting. Lets let law students do the Hussein trial.

Just as if they were Robert H. Jackson a fifty something Associate of the Supreme Court.

Please notice the difference. Twenty something--inexperienced--easily maliable law students vs an associate of the Supreme Court. Boy, I wonder how many talking points from the Bush administration will be in those papers sent to Baghdad.

This is already the anti-Nuremberg, where the country that made the aggressive invasion gets to portray the leader of the invaded country as the Hitler. Where the leaders responsible for lying to the world and their people and killing over 100k of the people in a small weakened nation get to parade as the 'good guys'.

So, lets go all the way.

Lets get the kindergarten kids of the proper Republican families to write about what a "Big Meanie" Saddam is. They don't even know about the decade of wasting sanctions, the failure of the hunt for WMDs, the cooked evidence for war, about Justice Jackson's very pointed and strong condemnation of preemptive invasions of other countries at Nuremberg, or about much except they see the face of the leader of our nation on TV a lot. He's kinda like a super-daddy.
Va. Students Provide Research For Hussein Trial

Okay, we do understand that they are a lot smarter than many Bush administration folks, but still....


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