Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ten Days after Bush visit, S Korea cloning pioneer "disgraced"

A cloning pioneer regarded as a hero in his South Korean homeland has resigned and apologised for using human eggs from his own researchers.


International medical standards warn against using eggs from researchers who may be vulnerable to pressure.

However, the health ministry in Seoul insists that he is not guilty of any moral or legal wrongdoing, as the eggs were given voluntarily, without the professor's knowledge, and before South Korea introduced a bioethics law in January.


Dr Hwang's breakthrough was seen as particularly important as the stem cells he created were a perfect match for the patient, which could mean treatments without the risk of the body rejecting them.

However, opponents argue that creating and experimenting with human embryos is unethical.

(Especially, opponents in Bush's 'base'.)

Earlier this month Gerald Schatten, a prominent American colleague of Dr Hwang, broke off their collaboration saying he was concerned by the way the group procured human eggs.

We even had a spy in the group. How very UNSCOM.

The professor said he was resigning from all public posts, including his chairmanship of the World Stem Cell Hub, which is designed to produce stem cell lines for disease research worldwide.

"It is my way of seeking repentance," he said.

I'm sure someone much more controllable, will be installed. Don't expect any huge stem cell advances coming out of this group any time soon or ever under the next set of leaders who will take control. This group is effectively neutured.

Thank heaven! We dodged the bullet in December 2000 when the Supreme Court put an end to our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity. To have another horrible dream of cures for many of our worst illnesses pop up so soon afterwards was just too terrifying to think of.

Please note the dripping sarcasm.

Excerpts from: BBC: S Korea cloning pioneer disgraced

Washington Post article on this subject


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