Saturday, November 05, 2005

Thoughts on Maureen Dowd

I like Maureen Dowd. I'm one of the people who is over the Clinton impeachment thing with her.

I think she learned her lesson on accepting r-w talking points memos and passing them on, especially when she saw the trash we have gotten with the administration she helped put in power by doing so. (of course, I'm sure she will never admit it.)

I was taken by Ms. Dowd's New York Times article on herself that was told us how she never dropped the obsession with looks like the feminists did and then went on to fret about young women doing having the same obsession only more so. I do believe it was the power 'Dames' like Dowd that never missed the date with the eyebrow plucker and spent lavishly on the best clothes that taught young women to be looks oriented, and men to assume a women should look like a professionalized Barbie. Now I know she doesn't focus her life on that aspect, but it is a bit easier for her with her income. When a woman has less she must think of ways to try for the same look without all the professionals hovering over you or so says the female in this household who did reject makeup and pimping oneself to the world during the 70s.

That is not to discount what she says about young women choosing to stay home. But that's a matter of how far do you go? It's like child rearing. A person is either too strict with their children, too lax with their children, or you. Really, go out and look at people and their kids. Is there really anyone who is a more perfect parent than you are or would be?

Mo, let young women go out and make their mistakes. It'll just make it a longer time before some other Power Barbie comes in and gets the job of an aging lady like you.

Maureen now that you've seen the light and have stopped playing the rw talking points game, your position is just one major faux pas away from disappearing, dear. That 'corporate owned news' branch called the New York Times has already disappeared you behind a $50 bucks a year firewall, which every hate radio host can afford, but the average Liberal can't and most moderates won't.

And, Sweetheart, When "choice" has been 'disappeared' into some black box, look in the mirror, and know you helped kill it.

Wait a minute, maybe I'm not quite over the way she helped boost the Clinton impeachment effort and set the stage for the right wing take over of our nation.

See toon on New York Times $50 wall, though people are more upset about Krugman and other true liberals than about Maureen Dowd.


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