Thursday, November 24, 2005

Two recommended blogs for more analysis of whether prewar intelligence was cooked by the Bush administration

Two blogs have collected links, and/or fair use excerpts on a number of articles on whether prewar intelligence was given some heat by the Bush administration.

(Pretty cool sentence there, don't you think? I'm practicing mainstream journo-English. Gotta learn how to keep it as vague as possible. Don't want to get any possible advertisers mad, especially rich and/or right wing ones.)

The blogs I'm talking about are:

The Washington Note-pre Thanksgiving special Even if the holiday is over, check it out for the articles it links to.


Nevada Thunder. He has the fair use right there, encompansing a long bit starting at November 23rd, 2005.
My favorite for clear, plain speaking is Molly Ivins' An old, ugly, mean trick


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