Monday, November 21, 2005

Vice President puts on his war face

What's with those bottom teeth?

Cheney Accuses Iraq Critics of Shameless Revisionism

What did the Bush administration know that the Congress did not know?

Well, for one thing, that their prime witness "Curveball" was a crazy drunk that did not work in the field he claimed to work in at the time he claimed to work there. That the German government who held him told the CIA that he was very unreliable.

That the Niger documents were fakes.

President Bush was warned before his State of the Union address in 2003 that the Niger documents were forgeries.

Yet, he used them as evidence in the address.

That the Bush administration's prime witness was an unreliable drunk who did not work where he claimed to have been working when he claimed to have worked there. In fact, he wasn't even in Iraq at the times he claimed to have seen WMD violations.

Articles and copies of articles on curveball:

Copy Bush Threw Us a 'Curveball'

Copy Intelligence Analysts Whiffed on a 'Curveball'

How U.S. Fell Under the Spell of 'Curveball'

And one thing that the Bush people hope you don't understand--the UN inspectors were never going to leave Iraq. They were going to be there until Saddam and his successors were gone. They were not going to leave and allow the man to rebuild his WMD even if he wanted to. Also they were out of Iraq for 4+ years, and the stocks of WMDs were not replenished in that space.

But Dick Cheney has never let his ethics stop him from dredging up another lie. Most of the Bush administration actually just skates around the truth, or makes up stories where the truth cannot be determined. Cheney is not afraid to come out and lie.


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Democracy Now! goes into this subject -talking up a new article in Rolling Stone Mag. Called _The Man Who Sold The War_

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