Sunday, November 27, 2005

Volcker’s Latest Oil-for-Food Report Overlooks $9 Billion

No excerpts from article (link at bottom)in this post. It is free of popups, registration, and major advertising.

And the reason that Paul Volker overlooked that 9 billion? The US took it. The US government. Spent it. Blew it. Tossed it to the wind--er--well to the the Bush administration's favored "rebuilders". Bremer flew up to the Kurds and dropped 1.4 billion in their lap just before he left. They claim he owed them more.

I'd feel sorry for them, but like Chalabi, they wanted this so much they were willing to do anything to be able to grab for more power and wealth.

But what about that 9 billion Mr. Volker? (And I must say that the OFF investigation shows that anyone can be broken by the neocon cabal. We used to be able to trust Volker.)

We already have learned that Oil for Food was not a UN scandal, but a business, mostly US and UK business scandal.

Now we see that our leaders and Mr. Volker (who I'm assuming will be having a lot of 'walking around money' in his pockets in the future) will not be looking at their own incompetent wasting of the people of Iraq's money.

I did not trust this report the first time I saw it, but google news had it above the fold (as it were) for over 24 hours. That means this is a very important report in the eyes of the world. And most likely true. Of course, with the current administration all truth is fungible--can be switch at will to make the best politics.

Please read: Volcker’s Latest Oil-for-Food Report Overlooks Missing $9 Billion to U.S. Occupiers


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