Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wealthy Bush Contributor to oversee Gulf Rebuilding

Excerpt(s)=indented script
The chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was assigned by the Bush administration on Tuesday to oversee the federal government's disaster recovery efforts on the Gulf Coast.

Donald Powell, 64, a wealthy contributor to President Bush's presidential campaign [and former Texas bank executive], will be in charge of coordinating long-term plans to rebuild the states hit by hurricanes Katrina and Rita in late summer.

Hmmm. Now the FDIC is a fine place to put a crony-contributor. Nothing has gone wrong there for over half a century, but Gulf Coast rebuilding?

Oh, what the hey, just pass on money to the proper rich and right wing folks. I guess that's not too hard.

He can't do worse than is being done now, people being denied housing. People living next to the ruins of their homes not being issued an mobile replacement or even the smaller campers that are supposed to be offered.

Obviously it is business as usual at the White House already.

(I swear I hadn't read Kennedy's statement before I wrote that. I was just reacting to the news in the first couple of paragraphs.)

And Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., called Powell's appointment "business as usual" for the administration because the longtime banker "has no disaster recovery experience."

"I find this terribly troubling _ especially given the tragic missteps of Michael Brown," said Kennedy. He was referring to the former FEMA director who resigned in Katrina's wake amid questions about his experience to handle disasters. Qualifications for federal response officials have been fiercely scrutinized since Katrina.

BTW, Powell is not just a contributor. He is one of the $100k+ "Pioneers". So don't get YOUR hopes up. Unless you can get people to donate moola like that, you aren't going to get one of those cushy jobs with the current government.


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