Saturday, November 05, 2005

What is the price of loyalty?

The posthumous Purple Heart rested near the folded American flag on the modest dining-room table of his parents' home in Cleveland. Edward (Augie) Schroeder, a Boy Scout turned Marine, was killed along with 13 other soldiers on their fifth trip into Al Hadithah, Iraq, to clean out insurgents. Their fifth trip. "When you do something over and over again expecting a different result," Augie's grieving father, Paul, told me, "that is the definition of insanity." As the death toll of American soldiers in Iraq reached 2,000 last week, Paul Schroeder concluded that the military had not sent enough troops to Iraq to do the job properly and that the president was incompetent: "My son's life was thrown away, his death was a waste." Then, noting that he shared a birthday with his boy, he broke down and said he would not be able to celebrate his own birthday anymore.

Jonathan Alter goes on to analyze how the the Bush administration's value of loyalty over competency and honest discussion led to the war on Iraq and the resulting deaths of young Americans.

At Newsweek

Not to be confused with Ron Suskind's similarly named book about Paul O'Neill in the Bush administration which also called the Bushies a bunch of jerks who didn't value competency or honest discussion.


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