Friday, November 04, 2005

White House Works it like WalMart

The Washington Post reports that the Military has been ordered to cut 32.1 Billion from their budgets in the next 5 years.

It sounds like the BS that companies put out to raise their stock prices.

And raises questions like:

So what about that War On Terror?

How about that little disaster we got ourselves into in Iraq?

I know one place you can start trimming right now.

Lets just leave. It's hard to see how it could get any worse, and

That'll find that $32 billion right away.

We either should leave or do the job right.

Maybe 'right' isn't even possible anymore, but I read that Clinton did have a plan in case Saddam should fall (a possibility after Desert Fox of 1998) and it didn't look anything like the occupation that the Bush administration's plan.

Well, Bush has succeeded in making himself the anti-Clinton in everyway that he could without actually benefitting the nation. Now can we go back?


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