Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Why Libby lied.

Libby and Rove threw themselves in front of the bus to get Bush re-elected.

Though they lied you can't take your vote back from Bush or the Republicans who refuse to order a full special counsel so the whole truth can be uncovered.

What the 'Shield' Covered Up

BTW, Rove's last minute 'evidence' shows that he wiggled out with probably false testimony from a friend and some slight of hand, probably with inneundos of threats to destroy Fitzgerald's career and life thrown in. Experts expect the reprieve to stand.

What did you expect?

Libby didn't weasel out probably only because it would have forced suspicion onto Cheney or the Forgotten Man who both are in the clear this way.

More on the CIA Leak Case at tith:


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