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Adios Nastios. USAID chief resigns

USAID Chief Natsios ResignsMuted Support for GOP Change GrowsMilitary Says It Paid Iraq Papers for NewsGonzales Defends Approval of Texas Redistricting by Justice
From article:
Natsios said the offer from Georgetown, where he and his son attended, was "too tempting for me."
Democratic Lawmakers Splinter on Iraq
Son says "No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Feb. 4 Elections In New Orleans Are Postponed Alito Distances Himself From 1985 Memos
Is there anything worse than having your parent work at the university you go to? White House: Death Penalty Deters Crime Bush Optimistic on Economy, Greenspan More Reserved GOP Official Urges Caution on Immigrants

On World AIDS Day, Bush Touts His Relief Program FEMA Pulls Out of Lower Ninth
Some information on Andrew S. Nastios:

Lab Animal Violations Decried
Buffalo Report notes that Nastios joined a core group under Roger Noriega to make a propaganda document on the possibility of regime change in Cuba. Another notable member was former SOS Colin Powell, so the next time our friend Colin, claims he was just an innocent dupe on Feb 5, 2003, you might want to note that his later actions would tend to disprove his assertions.Pirro Won"t Drop Senate Race Vs. Clinton USAID Chief Resigns to Join Faculty at Georgetown
Let see now, former Representative Cunningham is convicted of bribery for possibly promoting businesses for use in the nation's war on terror and counterterrorism based on how much he was paid.10 Marines Killed in Fallujah Blast Report Accuses EPA of Slanting Analysis La. Gov Agrees to Postpone Feb. ElectionsBomb Threats Empty Conn. Courthouses
We don't have any money lines on the cooked evidence on Iraq or the above mentioned report on Cuba, but the result is the same. Cooked evidence, printed propaganda pretending it's insightful, balanced, thinking on Cuba, but involving no one but administration insiders. It's still going to hurt our nation. Really that's the danger of bribery, that our nation's leaders will make bad decisions.30-Year Mortgage Rates Fall to 6.26%Abuse Found in China PrisonsAbuse Found in China Prisons
So cooked intelligence really is the moral equivalent of bribery.10 Marines Killed in Fallujah Blast China Fires Environment Agency Chief Over Handling of Toxic Spill
Some one alert the Congress, please. Rice to Go on Offense Over Secret Prisons Leaving Najaf, One Step at a TimeWinner Is Least of It in Moscow City Election

Chilean Court Refuses to Release Pinochet Spanish, Vietnamese Signs Cited In Unusually Safe Year on Potomac has a copy of a UK Guardian report that starts off:
Andrew Natsios, head of the US Agency for International Development, set out last week to counter accusations that $600 million worth of contracts for reconstruction in Iraq that he is to award to US companies, some with strong Republican links, were examples of cronyism.
Grandma Gets Her Game On

'If you need a surgeon, a lawn service, a real estate agent or a college, you seek out the names with the reputation for quality and the ability to get the job done,' he said. Strange, then, that a front-runner is construction giant Bechtel, whose record in managing America's biggest public works project has been, by most accounts, disastrous. Only last week, Bechtel's record in managing the 'Big Dig', a £14.8bn project to burrow a highway under Boston, was criticised at a public hearing in the city.Low Ridership MARC Stations
Bail Set for Newborn Murderer
The project dates back to 1985, when it was costed at $3.5bn. Severe complications mean it will be completed only next year, and last week's hearings were about who was to blame - the state or private contractors, led by Bechtel and New York-based Parsons Brinckerhoff.Plan to Preserve Va. Farm Falls ShortFour Dead Overnight No Excuses
Natsios should know all about this: in fact, he was invited to give evidence but said he was too busy 'directing the relief and construction effort in Iraq'. The reason for the invitation was that between 2000 and 2001 he was chief executive of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, the organisation with responsibility for the Big Dig.
Politics of GreenAmtrakClimate in MontrealPlanted Propaganda

Hickey"s ClosedStrategy for Iraq
Taxpayers for Common Sense says in ol. VIII No. 51-- December 19, 2003
Coal kudos should also go out to Donald Rumsfeld and the administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development [(USAID)], Andrew Nastios for their efforts in drastically downplaying the costs of the Iraq War and Reconstruction. Ad nauseam, Rumsfeld ridiculed anyone who tried to come up with estimates on the real costs of the war (many of which were strikingly on target) and Nastios claimed earlier this year that U.S. taxpayers would not have to pay more than $1.7 billion to reconstruct Iraq -- which is akin to predicting that the Chicago Bears will win the Super Bowl. The price tag of the two Iraq spending bills brings the current tab to $166 billion and we are still counting.
No Abortion Showdown Cap the District"s Debt A Slick of Lies
Junkyard Dogs of War The Duke of D.C.

Vatican Retreat on Homosexuality Business As Usual
and Moral Volcano says:
Progress -- Mideast No Special Break for Tookie Politics of Punishment
USAID does take part in AIDS relief but the amounts spent are nowhere near what the lucky citizens of Israel or Ukraine get. Under Andrew Nastios, the USAID has favoured prevention than cure. It has simply refused to spend money on antiretroviral treatment. Instead, it has programs that promotes "abstinence, faithfulness and the use of condoms." Nastios opined that Africans "don't know what Western time is" and thus cannot take antiretroviral drugs on time. According to Mr. Natsios, the problem is not with delivering antiretrovirals but that "there are no roads, or the roads are so poor." Lack of roads have not stopped American prospectors from rummaging Third World countries for minerals but delivering drugs, yes, that's a problem. He has also offered new medical evidence that antiretroviral drugs are "extremely toxic," so that as many as "forty percent of people... who are HIV positive do not take the drugs... because they get so sick from the drugs that they cannot survive."
Dreaming Big to Keep America RollingFirefox Web Browser Cingular Walkie-Talkie Phone Service to Compete With Nextel"s Danaher Unit to Buy Visual Networks Video Phones Offer Face Time, Even if Consumers Aren"t Ready Shaken & Stirred by "Mori"


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