Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Breaking!!!: 'Defense Contractor' whose boss bribed Cunningham did not perfom a service that Defense Department wanted.

The organization that bribed Duke Cunningham was not performing a necessary service according to the Defense Department. It seems the main reason for the organization was to funnel defense department money to Repbulcan coffers from the stand point of the Congressmen involved and to make a lot of money from the point of view of owner Brent Wilkes.The Congress Act FEMA Bush
Other Congressional names pop up in whom the company "invested". Patents to company registered to company on proprietary systens seem to be fake.Let Go Abysmal Flauntt Rules Williams
Read reports at:Cannonfire Deeper into the Wilkes/MZM scandals and Wilkes: The invisible empire

I'm linking to the second report first because I think it is clearer on what really happened.DeLay Dorgan Ethics Panels FBI Sources BlackDonor Conn. Insanity Casino Alito CIA
And here is a San Diego Union Tribune article that is beginning to uncover the fact that the only thing that Wilke's company did seems to be to copy records for the Pentagon. And that the Pentagon never requested the service. It was included in budgets after House and Senate votes by Cunningham. Similar service for payment was made by other Southern California House members who had received payments from another similar company (which Wilkes had ties to earlier).Iran Rice Defends Tactics Used Against Suspects China Israeli D.C Maryland Three Howard
Report also shows Wilke's association with Schwarzenegger.Landlords Sugar Duncan Evolution Changing Hotel Mortgage Boston Road


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