Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bush, Katrina and the Economy

Transcript of the strangest newscast I ever saw. There was this lady wearing a hat so big you couldn't see her face and she's saying:Decline in Support for War Worries GOPDean Hammers Bush On War, ImmigrationCunningham Friends Baffled By His Blunder Into Bribery
Amazing how our Darling President Bush's superior brain power has solved the problems in the economy in the last few months isn't it?Automakers Are Lining Up Aid, But Just Don't Call It a BailoutFor Alito, a Tricky Question of Statements vs. Thoughts
You see everything that is wrong with the economy now, or is going wrong, is due to the hurricanes.Wrongful Imprisonment: Anatomy of a CIA Mistake
Blast in Pakistan Kills Al Qaeda Commander
Everything that is going right is due to the amazing president Bush's efforts on our behalf.Blanco Releases Katrina RecordsUse of Race in Picking Jury BannedSome Conn. Tribes Have All the Luck
Those 215,000 new jobs aren't due to the massive clean up and the start of rebuilding in the Gulf Coast. It's due to the brains and dedication of the Bush crew. Please ignore assessments such as this one that reports that the massive cleanup and rebuilding might be a big part of the boost in job growth. That's just enemy propaganda. My friend Rummy agrees with me there. New Attacks Threaten Truce in IraqBlast in Pakistan Kills Al Qaeda Commander
On the other hand, the massive jump in unemployment for African Americans (9.1% to 10.6% last month alone) is due to the hurricanes, as is the disappearance of over 400,000 job seekers since September.
Pomp, Tradition of House of Lords Comfort Some, Alienate Others
17 Iraqi Soldiers Killed in Fallujah BlastChina Arrests 16 in Smuggling of Babies
So remember Good is from our dear president, Bad from hurricanes.Leads in 1951 Killings Point to 4 KlansmenFor a Former Panther, Solidarity After the StormExecution Still On Despite AnalysisStem Cell Research Advocates in Md. OptimisticCyber Holiday Cards Get a New Gloss
Good Bushie-He's doing a 'heck of a job. Bad Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.Unwanted Presents Find Homes In the Online Gift-Card MarketplaceGrandma Gets Her Game On

This is... umm.. "Pickles" "Welch" reporting for the Lincoln group.The Sins of Leaving Something UnsaidWindfall For the Dimwitted
Rebroadcast with permission as long as you mention my 'brownie' eyes.


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