Friday, December 02, 2005

Bush Wanted in McLennan Co, Texas--for jury duty.

The authorities of McLennan County, Texas, will have to wait a little bit longer before juror number 286 reports for service.Verizon to Offer Service for Cell Phones Interactive Mobile TV Test Is Planned
County officials posted a jury summons to President George W Bush at 43 Chapel Ranch Road, the address of his Texas ranch, last month.Intel to Build Second Plant in Israel

But the White House said yesterday that Mr Bush was too busy with affairs of state to appear in court on Monday and would have to "reschedule".
Fearful Messagers Cross Their Thumbs Foam Cracks May Delay Shuttle LaunchREVIEW: Latest iMac Offers Remote Control
Cough cough. Do they think he's actually running the country? I don't know about your county, but in mine you have to prove financial hardship from leaving your job before you get let off.Deadly Hospital Germ Is Spreading in U.S. Problem Found With Potential ADHD PatchDown the Hatch, Then What?
Sure he'll miss his 4 hours of bike riding and all that posing in other people's clothes like flight suits, and made in Mexico Immigration officials' jackets, but we all have to make sacrifices. WHO Stops Hiring Smokers
Nations Promote Awareness on AIDS Day Steroids Detected In Dietary Tablets
Bush too busy to report for jury dutyA Dig Into Jerusalem"s Past Fuels Present-Day Debates Japanese May Lose Hayabusa SpacecraftDeep-Water Currents Slowing, Report Says Darwin Under the Microscope: The Origin of the Man and His Theory WHO"s Flu Strike Force Plans for the Worst Case Bush"s Space Plan in Danger Chavez Pushes Petro-Diplomacy


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